Browse Pattern: Labors Of Cupid by Reed & Barton

Handle Image of Pattern Labors Of Cupid by Reed & Barton

Patented 1900

The year 1900 premiered what many connoisseurs consider the most remarkable sterling silver pattern of all time… Reed & Barton’s “Labors of Cupid”
Sumptuous in weight and profusely varied in design, this intricately hand pierced sterling silver epitomizes the opulence, elegance, and lavishness of the great Victorian period.
Fifteen different “labors” of Cupid are featured on the handles of the various place and serving pieces. On the butter spreader, for example, Cupid is churning butter. On the teaspoon, he is drinking tea. On the oyster fork, Cupid is dredging for oysters. On the luncheon knives, cherubs gather grapes.
Each boldly imaginative and scenic sculpture is embraced by gentle swirls of delicate flowers, acanthus leaves, fruits, and vegetables… glittering arabesques that enhance this unique tribute to the silversmiths’ art… both in concept and in painstaking execution.