Browse Pattern: Love Disarmed by Reed & Barton

Handle Image of Pattern Love Disarmed by Reed & Barton

Patented 1899

“Love Disarmed” sterling has been renowned as one of the world’s great silver flatware patterns. Highly prized by its owners and sought after by would-be collectors, produced with the same tools and the same hand craftsmanship that were employed when it was first introduced (1899)
Superb technical virtuosity and great artistry are evident in each heavyweight piece. The elegantly sculptured figures of the little Cupid and his stately guardian have a gentle expressive nature all their own. The decorative swirling plumes carved along each handles length are typically Victorian ornamental motifs. In fact, this pattern has been recognized by Christine Roussel, former Director of the Reproduction Studio of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, as a sterling design that captures the very essence of the Victorian Age. “Love Disarmed” is truly a unique achievement in the long history of American silversmithing.
From the spectacular large serving pieces to the diminutive demitasse coffee spoon, “Love Disarmed” will be admired for many generations by connoisseurs of the finest silverware.