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George Shiebler & Co. #379 PIN, "XAPIE" WITH FIVE MEDALLIONS


George Shiebler & Co. #379 PIN, "XAPIE" WITH FIVE MEDALLIONS

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A sterling silver pin. Maker's mark of George Shiebler and Co., New York, circa 1876-1910; length is 2 7/8 inches, weight is 0.75 troy ounces. George Shiebler began his business in 1876, primarily making spoons and forks. The line expanded to include hollowware and a broad range of imaginative jewelry. Shiebler was a highly skilled and innovative designer and he became known for his exceptional use of mixed medals and his medallion work, inspired by the excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum. Raised Greek mottos appeared on the articles giving them the appearance of the antique.