#92083 - Ornaments by Gorham 2019 SNOWFLAKE 50th Anniversary Edition

Ornaments by Gorham

2019 SNOWFLAKE, 50th Anniversary Edition


2019 SNOWFLAKE, 50th Anniversary Edition

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2019 Sterling Silver Snowflake, Double-Sided 50th Anniversary Edition, mark of Gorham Mfg. Co., new.

Since 1970, Gorham has been capturing the spirit of Christmas by recreating the classic symbols of the season. Handcrafted from heirloom-quality sterling silver, Gorham's skilled designers create an original and unique design year after year. 2019 marks the continuation of the a Christmas tradition with the introduction of the 50th Anniversary Edition Gorham Sterling Snowflake Ornament. Selected for its graceful display of the pattern, this beautiful snowflake will impart a sparkling beauty to your family tree. Embossed Double Sided