Missing a Piece?

Missing a sterling silver piece

Beverly Bremer Silver Shop is your source for that rare or unusual item to complete your set of sterling silver. We have over 1,200 patterns in stock and we're adding to our inventory all the time. So, if we don't have what you need right now, just let us know, and we'll find it for you.

Visit the Flatware area to purchase pieces from our most popular patterns online. To receive a free quarterly inventory email of our current stock in your sterling silver pattern, just fill out our online Contact Form with inventory Request in the message.

Not sure of your pattern name? Learn how to identify your trademark manufacturer here. Once you know your manufacturer name, enter it into the manufactuer search bar below to see all the patterns available from that manufacturer. Still searching? A picture's worth 1,000 words...snap a close-up photo of a piece of your flatware and email it to us at sterlingsilver@beverlybremer.com.

Or feel free to call us or come by the shop for assistance by visiting the Contact Page for directions and store hours.